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  1. Zack says:

    I love this because 1. I love Avion Blackman and 2. I agree that she is osiutde of the box. It’s so great to have music that is Christ -exalting in every style. To me, artists like her far better reflect the style, culture, and flavor of myself and my friends than almost anything that’s on the radio or that I typically hear in most Christian venues. That’s not to put down that music, but to say that music that lifts up Jesus should naturally reflect the diversity in the body of Christ- not just ethnic diversity but just the diversity in our tastes and personal expression. I think God uses not only the content, but the sounds the engaging of our senses to help us connect with Him as we listen to music. Music like hers has definitely given me some wonderful at times surprising Jesus praising moments and just general good times. I definitely think everyone should go get her album (that’s just how i feel) but I also just think it’s great to promote music like this that lifts up Jesus in osiutde the box ways. I’m done ranting now.